Beaver County

Sandie Egley, Chairman  –  Daniel C. Camp III  –  Tony Amadio


Beaver County Behavioral Health:

Gerard Mike, Administrator

  • Mental Health Administration
  • Mental Retardation Administration
  • Drug and Alcohol Single County Authority
  • HealthChoices Medicaid Managed Care Administration
  • Early Intervention Administration
  • Human Services Development Fund Administration
  • State, Federal and Private Foundation Grant Management
  • Direct Services: Outpatient Assessment Center and Case Management

Services administered through BCBH include mental health, drug and alcohol, mental retardation, early intervention, outreach, prevention, and student assistance programs. In addition to its administrative responsibility, BCBH operates a Direct Service Unit that provides case management for children and adults as well as an Outpatient Assessment Center, with outpatient satellites at the courthouse and jail. BCBH also contracts for both behavioral health and natural supports. Services provided include a full array of treatment services, vocational services, housing opportunities, peer and family support, transportation options, Meals on Wheels, mentoring programs, in-home assistance, case management and community outreach. A list of and links to contracted providers can be find at the BCBH website. BCBH works collaboratively with Children and Youth Services, Juvenile Services, the Beaver County Courts and both State and County Probation.

Beaver County implemented Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’ behavioral health managed care program, HealthChoices, in January 1, 1999, using an ASO subcontractor, Value Behavioral Health, (VBH) to aid in developing the provider network, data analysis, claims processing and utilization/review.