Beaver County “Unified Walk” is Saturday at 10:00am, beginning at Beaver High School!

(Saturday, June 27, 2020)


Beaver County UNITY Week Celebration 2020 marks the 1st annual UNITY Week Celebration in Beaver County.

Letter of Invitation / Schedule of Events (please share)

Pledge and Walk Purpose

UNITY is an acronym for (Uniting Neighbors for Inclusive Actions and Transparent Law Enforcement for YOU!). Beaver County UNITY Celebration Week is a week-long event, powered by a joint initiative between Beaver County Community and Law Enforcement Coalition (BCCLEC) and the Inclusion, Diversity and Awareness Council (IDAC), dedicated to unifying Beaver County through various enlightening social, cultural, and educational activities.

The purpose of Beaver County UNITY Week Celebration is meant to inspire spirited dialogue to advance systemic and intentional change in Beaver County by illuminating the substantial contributions of ALL residents. To date, and far too often, minority residents feel they have been treated as invisible members of the collective community, yet have shared experiences of intentional or unintentional microaggressions, racism, systemic oppression, and police brutality.

Beaver County UNITY Week is designed to bridge the gap and make EVERYONE visible. Beaver County UNITY Week will promote ally-ship, empower collaborative programming, and persist in creating equity for ALL.

Beaver County UNITY Week events and initiatives are planned by a diverse group of committed community stakeholders, law enforcement officials, policy makers, and business owners from across Beaver County. All Beaver County UNITY Week events and initiatives are free and open to EVERYONE.

BCCLEC and IDAC welcome ideas, suggestions and offers to host future events and/or initiatives that promote the goals and objectives of Beaver County UNITY Week.