Guiding Principles

System of Care Guiding Principles

Each agency/organization strives to . . .


Culturally and Linguistically Competent
Be responsive to the cultural, racial, and ethnic differences of the populations they serve.

Community Based
Put people and communities at the center of the system, ensuring services and supports are available and accessible. This includes safe, affordable housing as well as the utilization of natural supports

Family Driven and Youth Guided
Concentrate on not just the individual but rather both the individual and those surrounding and supporting the individual

Peer Centered
Focus on helping each individual achieve the most satisfying life possible, encouraging the utilization of peer mentoring and peer support.

Trauma Informed
Increase awareness of trauma and to build a workforce capable of providing trauma informed care.

Data Driven
Use research and data to improve care and plan next steps.

Recovery and Resiliency Based
Put individuals and families in the middle of the conversation and build services and supports around their vision for a happy, meaningful life.

Education and Employment
Develop and sustain a trained, skilled, effective and productive workforce and to increase education and employment options.

Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health
Increase awareness of the importance of coordination of physical and behavioral health care.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Other Complex Needs
Understand and welcome families and individuals with co-occurring disorders and other complex needs. Working together, the SOC will strive to offer services that are accessible, integrated, seamless and comprehensive.