Help Team


Get HELP 24/7 by calling (800) 400-6180

One of the resources available to help families in our area is the HELP Team, along with more than 10 HELPING BC-SCORES providers in the Beaver County System of Care that aim to support youth through case management, counseling, housing, mentoring, education and more.

 The HELP Team referral form is now a PDF document with fillable data fields.

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Provider: Pressley Ridge

Stabilize youth in crisis with team of physical and mental health professionals

Transition-Age Case Management

Provider: Glade Run Lutheran Services

Provider: Heritage Valley Health System

Provider: Merakey

Youth who chose transition-age case management when they turn 21 have the option of remaining with a case manager

Family Group Decision Making

Provider: Children & Youth Services

Used for planning transition from the mobile HELP Team

Family Recovery Coordinator

Provider: Allegheny Health Choices Inc.

Youth and family members who want to be involved and committed to various systems of care efforts

Youth Mentoring

Provider: Community Alternatives

Work with transition-age youth to help them successfully complete their senior year and make post-secondary plans

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Click here for trainings.

Provider: Education and Training Consultants

8-hour public education program which introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents

Housing Support

Provider: Cornerstone

Works with adults who are homeless or pending homelessness, with goal to provide housing for the entire family

Transition-Age Psychiatric Rehabilitation/Vocational Support

Provider: Beaver County Rehabilitation Center

Expanded psychiatric rehabilitation program for youth

Community Health Education and Wellness

Provider: Community Health Challenge

Working with natural supports to promote SAMHSA’s dimensions of wellness among youth