Stories of Hope & Recovery

Stories of Hope & Recovery


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Video 1:  How Has Mental Health Affected You?

Video 2: What Advice Would You Give a Friend Who Needed Help?


The Open Table

The Open Table in Beaver County
One Graduate’s Story


Would you tell the world you have schizophrenia?
NPR Morning Edition


School Based Mental Health Services
Article in Beaver County Times


Start the conversation.  End the stigma.  Bring Change 2 Mind


Bethany Yeiser, young author of Mind Estranged

Bethany Yeiser is a motivational speaker and the author of Mind Estranged: My Journey from Schizophrenia and Homelessness to Recovery (released May 31, 2014). Bethany was a scholarship winner, researcher and violinist before she became severely mentally ill and homeless her senior year of college, 2003. By teaching audiences that schizophrenia is a treatable brain disease, she hopes to reduce the stigma of mental illness


Karen Yeiser, mother and author of Flight from Reason

Karen S. Yeiser is a registered nurse. During the span of her nursing career she devoted twenty-two years to the care and advocacy of adults and children with developmental disabilities. While living through the mental health crisis in her own daughter’s life, she gained a deeper and more personal understanding of schizophrenia and the unique challenges patients and their families face. Her goal is to stimulate new interest toward the possibility of recovery and encourage families throughout the recovery process. Karen is a mental health advocate.


Teen’s TED Talk on depression…

Mental Health Stigmas are Shifting

Demons Stole My Daughter – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Part 1 of a two-part interview with a young man from ROOTS.

Part 2 of a two-part interview with a young man from ROOTS.

My son is mentally ill, so listen up.

Mary’s Story

A Mother And Son Live, And Cope, With Mental Illness






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