Re-Entry Week 2021, April 26-30 (with video, LIVE Q&As & local Success Stories)

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What Does Re-Entry Mean to Beaver County, PA

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Beaver County’s “Removing Barriers to Employment”, a Re-Entry Resource Workshop

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National Re-Entry Resource Center (NRRC)

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FRIDAY’s LIVE Q & A . . .

FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021

Success Story . . .

Michael has a lengthy forensic history, with convictions beginning as a juvenile. In 2016, Michael was charged with receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm with manufacturer number altered and possession of a controlled substance. While awaiting court proceedings for these charges in the county jail, Michael became involved with Blended Case Management and various other reentry services, including mental health counseling, drug and alcohol counseling/MAT and a supportive employment program. While Michael was initially guarded and hesitant to engage, he ultimately embraced the support being offered and began to flourish. Michael has been stably housed for 3 years. Michael is scheduled to graduate from a trade school at the end of this month and will be a certified welder. He has initiated the process to have visitation with his children, with the ultimate goal of shared custody. Michael is engaged to be married, with the wedding being planned for end of summer. He has 4 years clean and sober.

Success Story . . .

Sue began illicit substance use in her early teenage years, beginning with marijuana use that ultimately led to an addiction to crack cocaine. This resulted in repeated forensic involvement and incarceration over an 18-year period. During her most recent incarceration, she was linked to Blended Case Management, who began to provide services during her incarceration. Sue was linked to resources both inside the jail and within the community to promote recovery and reduce risk of recidivism. These supports included mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, as well as supported employment. Sue embraced the support being offered and remained focused on recovery. Sue has since regained sole custody of her 4 children. She was employed full-time at a car dealership, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, was laid off. However, this provided her with the opportunity to facilitate virtual learning for her children, who are all school age. Sue has exceled in this role. Sue has 3 years clean and sober.

Success Story . . .

My Recovery Story
by Krista Boring

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