Beaver County System of Care (SOC)

The Beaver County SOC is organized to best serve the needs of people with complex needs by integrating all of the elements and every level of the behavioral health system. The SOC is built on the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care (CCISC) model developed by Drs. Ken Minkoff and Chris Cline.   Beaver County has expanded the CCISC initiative to include all populations and issues and all services and supports.

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Our Vision:

All people can easily access a welcoming, effective, and efficient System of Care that inspires hope, and integrates treatment based on the needs of the individual, not the needs or convenience of the system.   Individuals and families with lived experience have the opportunity for maximum success toward recovery or improved lifestyle.

How is this accomplished?   Through collaborative partnerships and coordination between service providers and natural supports.

We look forward to meeting with you and your staff! 

Schedule a System of Care Orientation for your agency or group by contacting
the Recovery Coordinator at: bpalmieri@ahci.org  or 724.624.7203.

System of Care Management Structure

System of Care Orientation Power Point Presentation

Beaver County Human Services Plan 2018-2019

Beaver County Human Services Plan 2017-2018

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