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What are SPAs?  (Single Point of Accountability)

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List of  SPA  Providers



Merakey (formerly NHS)


Merakey – Forensic/Assertive Community Treatment (F/ACT)

Ages 18+   724.869.2023

F/ACT provides a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment for individuals in the community with severe and persistent mental illness and who have had difficulty in traditional treatment programs.  F/ACT works with individuals and their natural supports to reduce hospitalizations and incarcerations and to assist with engaging in treatment.

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Merakey – Blended Case Management (BCM)

Ages 16+   724.869.2023

We specialize in serving adults and transition-age youth by providing basic case management services.  We assist those involved in the criminal justice system to reduce recidivism, successfully complete probation terms and achieve recovery goals.

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Merakey – Drug and Alcohol Case Management (DACM)

Ages 18+   724.869.2023

DACM supports individuals with a Substance Use or Co-Occurring Disorder by providing intensive case management services.  The primary goals of case management services are to increase retention in and completion of Substance Use Disorder treatment and increase supports to enhance recovery.  Priority populations are:  Pregnant, IV Drug Users, Women with Children, Overdose Survivors and Veterans.

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Glade Run Lutheran Services – BCM

All Ages   724.843.0816

Glade Run offers BCM services to individuals, children, adolescents and adults with a mental health diagnosis.  A BCM assists individuals with  immediate needs as well as supports the development of basic living skills in areas such as housing, support, food, medical care, mental health, education, employment and recreation.

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Beaver County Behavioral Health
Direct Services Unit (DSU) – BCM

Ages 3+   724.891.2827

Blended Case Management through BCBH is a more intensive, recovery-focused, community-based case management service, providing information, advocacy and support in the home, school/work or treatment setting.  The frequency of contact and level of service is driven by joint planning with the person and the BCM in the development of a formal Service Plan.  A BCM’s primary concern is for the person to be able to understand and receive all the services and supports necessary to ensure that he/she has the best quality of life in the community.

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Cornerstone Recovery and Supports (CRS)
Blended Case Management (BCM)

Ages 18+   724.384.0419

CRS blended case management offers services and supports for people with a mental health diagnosis.  Individuals identify areas of their life that they would like to improve upon or need additional assistance.  Then, the BCM and individual work together to identify natural supports, community resources and other services to promote independent living and resolve crises.  We also specialize in assisting people to acquire and maintain safe and affordable housing.

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Staunton Clinic – BCM

Age 5+   412.749.7330

The Staunton Clinic Intensive Case Management Program provides a unique blend of proactive behavioral health and physical health care coordination to assist individuals served to achieve wellness, recovery and community tenure.

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