Services & Supports

The SOC emphasizes natural supports in an individual’s life, such as family support, peer support and community resources.  In addition to relying on and building up support, the SOC integrates services beyond those traditionally associated with the behavioral health system.  For example, the health care system and the justice/legal system work with the behavioral health system.  Also, attention is paid at different parts of the SOC to education, employment, and housing.

Specific Services and Supports:

  • Electronic Service Plan with Integrated Crisis and WRAP
  • Transition to Independent Process Systems (TIPS)
  • Mobile Employment Peers
  • Re-entry Sponsors
  • GAIN Assessments
  • System of Care Website
  • Focus of physical and behavioral health integration




To find assistance, in any area,
begin with our Area Resources webpage
and search for a category that fits.



Beaver County Crisis #:  800-400-6180 

(Available 24/7)