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UPMC – Beaver County Crisis #:  800-400-6180    (Available 24/7)

Did you know that UPMC – Beaver County Crisis has moved?


Transition Age Mobile Crisis is a short-term service in Beaver County that will respond by phone within 1 hour and attempt face-to-face contact in 24 hours to assess, stabilize, and link families to available supports and services while offering side-by-side support. Referrals can come from provider agencies, Courts, Schools, Self-referrals, CYS, etc.

Have Questions? Young people who are experiencing a crisis (and their family members) are encouraged to call us at 724-630-5189.

Need to Talk to Someone? You’re not alone …. explore options!

Additional help and support for parents during COVID-19

We are all grieving something . . .

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