StepUP Summer Program; Four-week summer program for transitional level students



The Community Alternatives StepUP Program is to assist young adults with identifying the needs and values associated with their development through high school to post-secondary opportunities. In addition, the program will assist in creating job readiness skills as well as necessary life skills for the transition aged youth. The youth will also have lessons related to the importance of responsibility, team building, positive choices, and leadership skills. Life skills activities will be utilized to assist youth with creating good habits and assisting with positive functionality.

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If you are interested in speaking with youth about specific services, vocational training, career readiness, and mental health, please let us know.  Also, we are looking to assist with community projects, or agency-specific projects or yard work that needs done and our youth can assist with.

We have two 4 week sessions with a different group of transition-aged youth during each session.

  • The first session runs from June 10th-July 5th.
  • The second session runs from July 8th-August 2nd.
  • Both programs run Monday through Friday from 1:00pm-3:00pm