Bonnie Palmieri

Each year, especially winter, I make hand-painted flower pots
that I call, “CrackPOTS”.

Although I had many pots prepared to sell for spring and summer,
the craft shows I scheduled were cancelled for 2020. (Thanks COVID-19)

Now working from home, I decided I should unpack and enjoy some
of my “CrackPOTS” in my own front and backyard spaces.
And of course, I made some quirky ones, just for laughs!

A garden is a place you can visit anytime.

I like to play in the dirt.

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!

Swiss chard, celery and geraniums.

(small flowerpot)
“Life began in a garden.”

Purple petunias with yellow

Having a privacy fence already started and having serious concerns about food safety and possible shortages, I thought,

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have some raised garden beds this year?”

(By watching documentaries, I learned about raised gardens, seeds, preparing soil, planting, watering, natural ways to fertilize and making compost.)

Starting out . . .

Eggplant, cabbage, kale & butternut squash (white compost buckets)

Mixed greens

I got shade sails for a very hot spring! (Future shed under the blue tarp.)

Growing . . .

I needed an additional container for butternut squash.

Fresh salad greens. Yum!!!

Butternut squash

I planned a patio area to sit and watch it all grow! Add a shed for tools and CrackPOTS storage.

Canopy frame found on Letgo!

I had to buy a new canopy top and screens, but I still saved a lot!

(Potatoes growing in the flowerpot.)

Something for everybody: Maya loves her catnip. And every shed needs a bunny under it, right?

My 2020 Gardens:

Green beans, celery, eggplant, red onions, yellow onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes (3 varieties), parsley (2 varieties), basil (2 varieties), butternut squash, cabbage (2 varieties), kale, salad greens (lettuces, arugula, spinach, red & green swiss chard), dill, cucumbers, carrots, peppermint, chives, fennel, catnip.

Red & green peppers, catnip, purple basil, eggplant, parsley, cucumbers, chives, & dill.

Eggplant, kale, cabbages (2 varieties), red and yellow onions, & parsley

Did you know that only the female flower produces a butternut squash?

Did you know that only the female flower produces a butternut squash?

I’m still harvesting and sharing homegrown, pesticide-free produce!

Here are some things I learned:

Gardening is an “art” and it takes dedication! (I made mistakes, mostly overcrowding, but I did well considering I only planted tomatoes, basil and peppers last year.)

Nothing in the world tastes better than a homegrown tomato!

Lettuce has a short growing season. Plant again in the fall!

The seeds from 1 butternut squash (saved from last fall) can grow a whole yard full of vegetables. I made “tripod trees” and they’re still spreading out all over my back yard. Less to mow!

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Gardening has become a new hobby that I definitely plan to continue. It has kept me active, interested, and entertained during COVID-19.

Did you know? Some food pantries will take excess produce!

And the best rewards of all:

I received a notification from my bank that I am spending much less on groceries!

There are no masks required for fresh backyard veggies!!!

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