Child Care

Early Learning Resource Center

PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning

The Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) provides a single point-of contact for families, early learning service providers, and communities to gain information and access services that support high-quality child care and early learning programs.

The ELRC 3 Offices will be closed to the public until further notice. At this time our staff is still working and the program is operational. Each of our office sites has either a drop off slot or drop box for your convenience. Please call the ELRC 3 office below if you have any questions or concerns.

Beaver ELRC Office
Phone: 724-847-0145 or (800) 322-8504
Fax: 724-847-1593

Finding Child Care and Early Learning Programs in Pennsylvania

(provided by the PA Department of Education: COMPASS)

The Online Child Care Provider Search helps families locate a child care provider that meets their needs and offers information on Early Learning programs. Search by address, zip code, children’s ages, or provider. The webpage provides information on help with paying for childcare.

Other Child Care and Early Learning Resources

Practical Everyday Tips

  • Learn about becoming a fit family, building interest in community, making a playful home, dealing with stress, passing on traditions, etc. through the Penn State Extension.
  • Enroll in FREE, online training on child development, nutrition, safe sleep, and selecting/communicating with child care providers.
  • Explore PBS parenting resources and tips on raising children, planning birthday parties & activities.
  • Learn additional ways to meet your child’s individual needs through the National Center for Infants, Toddler, and Families.
  • Visit the only parenting Website backed by 64,000 pediatricians committed to the physical, mental and social health of children and young adults:

Development Tips

Health and Safety Tips

Health and Human Services Benefits
Learn about specific health and human services programs or benefits for which you may qualify such as PA Pre-K Counts, Head Start, subsidized child care, child support, etc. through COMPASS.