Diversion Program Community Wellness Classes

Good News!

You can still complete your Diversion Program requirements remotely. Here’s how…

Employment Wellness Class

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Provided by BCRC, this presentation describes ways they can help you find and keep employment which fits your strengths, individual needs, capabilities and choices.

Recovery Wellness Class

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The MHA helps you to explore setbacks and solutions. With positive support, you too can rebuild, and enjoy “recovery”!

Community Resources Wellness Class

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Merakey offers this presentation to help you explore programs / services / agencies / providers and other resources throughout Beaver County to help you on your journey to success.

Benefits Wellness Class

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If you have a need for treatment, are uninsured and/or concerned about finances, we can help you apply for Medical Assistance. Review this presentation to explore your options and for contact information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send an email to mkoren@ahci.org upon completion of your Wellness Class to get credit. 

In your email, include the following information:

– Your NAME
– The WELLNESS CLASS you reviewed (Employment, Resources, Benefits, Recovery)
– The DATE you reviewed the material.

Don’t forget to explore the Beaver County System of Care Website!
The Area Resources webpage is a great place to start.
Choose your category: https://bc-systemofcare.org/resource-grid/