Experiencing long waits? Community Alternatives might be the alternative!

Community Alternatives, Inc.

Bridgewater, PA



… provides outpatient mental health services to individuals designed to meet the needs of the individual and their family. Outpatient services include thorough clinical evaluations, coordinated service delivery, treatment planning that is easy to understand, and follow-up planning to enhance personal success.

Community Alternatives medication management includes one youth psychiatrist, Dr. Finley-Belgrade, and one adult practitioner, Shelby Waltman.

  • Individuals can be seen within one week for individualized therapy with one of four counselors that are available.
  • Psychiatric appointments are available within two to four weeks.
    • Individuals are required to have two therapy appointments before their intake with the psychiatrist.
    • Individuals are also required to continue to have outpatient therapy with Community Alternatives in order to have psychiatric services within the agency.

Interested individuals can call 724-652-2211 or 1-800-332-1208 for appointments and to have insurance questions answered.