Jamie Ballentine

Artist’s Statement

“I started doing Photography to help me in my recovery by letting me get out of my own head to focus on the beauty of what the world has to offer. It helps me not only clear my head but I tend to see things in a different light. I see beauty, even in the things that most people overlook, such as how some people overlook those with mental illness as if we are damaged. I find that there is always something amazing in the ‘damaged and broken.’

Photography allows me to express my thoughts and feelings without saying a word. It not only helps reduce my stress and anxiety level, it gives me a sense of self-worth. I get to experience all of the positive creativity that life has to offer.

Capturing a moment in time allows me to spend precious time with myself to focus on the important things, and the good, and what’s right in my life. When I am taking photos of a person I feel blessed that they trust me with making sure I capture the special moment in time for them. I enjoy going back though my photos I have taken, looking back with such pride.

I have so much passion for Photography and I love how it allows me to express so many emotions that sometimes words can never express. It allows me to capture the sweetest moments and sometimes even the bitter ones, such as life. With my mental health difficulty, I suffer with low self esteem but Photography has given me so much confidence in myself that I started to share my work. If my photos help someone by putting a smile on their face then I have done my job.”

~Jamie Ballentine

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