Need help on a Summer Project? Consider contacting the StepUP Summer Program …


The StepUP Summer Program   is a four-week summer program for transition level students in Beaver County. This program will help in creating awareness about careers and the necessary skills in obtaining employment and proper social functioning for youth ages 14-21. The program will also assist students with identifying and implementing the necessary life skills for daily living situations. For the summer of 2018, there will be two four-week sessions of the program. The dates for this summer are as follows: June 11th through July 6th for session one. The second session will be July 9th through August 3rd.

We are available to assist local agencies, businesses, and schools with any projects or work that they may need done. We are available during the hours of 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, during the dates listed above. We provide transportation to and from your facility and will have Community Alternative Staff there to supervise the students.


Print the flyer.


Please contact Rick Mattia or Jaci Palmer if you are interested in having the StepUP Summer Program assist your business or agency with anything. Contact info is as follows:

Rick Mattia: or 724-728-0535 Ext 2150

Jaci Palmer: or 724-759-5228