Why Be Spiritual?  Five Benefits of Spirituality

“Spiritual people are gracious, optimistic, compassionate, and self-actualized.”   (www.psychologytoday.com)

How Spirituality Can Benefit Mental and Physical Health (www.verywellmind.com)

Spirituality and Self-Improvement  (www.verywellmind.com) 

“There is a major link between spirituality and the reduction of stress.
Learn how positivity and spirituality can benefit your overall mental well-being.”

NAMI FaithNet

” … an interfaith resource network of NAMI members, friends, clergy and congregations of all faith traditions who wish to encourage faith communities who are welcoming and supportive of persons and families living with mental illness.”

Quotes, Verses and Passages   (www.nami.org)

Inspirational and Healing Prayers  (www.nami.org)

Faith & Spirituality  (www.nami.org)

Beaver County Faith-Based Partners / Organizations / Initiatives and Resources