The Open Table

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The Open table is a community based model implemented by volunteers from local faith communities and social service agencies to surround and support an individual or family living in poverty. Over the course of a year the members of the table offer time, a web of resources, and social capital to empower and encourage the individuals served to identify, set, and achieve goals in order to create a path towards building a successful life plan for themselves and their families.

This model has been implemented in various cities throughout Beaver County since 2014. Through the support of local government partners and faith community leaders we have seen 5 successful tables serve young adults and families in 3 cities throughout the county. These tables have joined together 13 faith communities and over 40 volunteers and their families to take part in this transformational table process. We are excited to continue to see how this model of support can continue to better the lives of the individuals and families we serve in Beaver County.



For more information, visit The Open Table website.