Peer Support

UPMC – Beaver County Crisis #:  800-400-6180    (Available 24/7)

Did you know that UPMC – Beaver County Crisis has moved?

The Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, confidential support via text message to people in crisis when they text PA to 741741.


Mental Health Association in Beaver County

Peer Support Annual Report FY 2020-2021

  • What is Peer Support?
  • How do CPS Services Work?
  • Am I eligible to receive Peer Support?
  • Beaver County Demographics
  • Where do CPS Recipients live?
  • Can a CPS help me define and reach my goals?
  • How has the pandemic affected Peer Support Services?
  • Do people benefit from the Peer Services that they receive?

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Mental Health Association in Beaver
105 Brighton Ave, Rochester, PA 15074
Phone: (724) 775-4165


The Peer Survey Results are In!

Beaver County Peer Specialists

“Who We Are and What We Do”

“In August 2019, the Beaver County System of Care (SOC) surveyed peers (N=47) with and without certification.
Peers were asked about peer training, employment, and their experiences as a peer providing services or volunteering within the SOC.
Results from this survey will be used for planning purposes.”

Thank you to all who contributed to this project.
Congratulations on the OUTSTANDING work that you are doing as well.

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Webinars and Online Learning

Free Webinars – iNAPS (International Association of Peer Supporters):

Past Webinars: 22+ useful webinars (on demand) for career development.

Peer Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
(Certificates are a benefit of membership.)

Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania Online Training.

Common Ground Program – Pat Deegan       “. . . a collection of tools supporting recovery and healing after a diagnosis of mental illness. We provide solutions for people in recovery, peer supporters, MH professionals and organizations.”

Peer Services Toolkit

A Guide to Advancing and Implementing Peer-run Behavioral Health Services

Peer Respite Resources

Learn about Peer Respites: What are they? Why and where do they exist? How do they work?

Articles & Publications

Peer Support Behind Bars in Pennsylvania

“The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) is providing cutting-edge services to address the increasing needs for mental health services for inmates by instituting one of the first comprehensive Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPS) programs in a prison setting in the United States.  …… Implementation of the CPS program has far exceeded expectations and is in part responsible for changing the culture around how incarcerated individuals are viewed.”

The National Practice Guidelines for Peer Supporters

Issued in 2013 as a consensus and guidance document for those who are providing or supervising peer support services, this  document was the result of a six-month, inclusive process where an iNAPS task force, an expert panel at SAMHSA headquarters, and over 1000 peer supporters nationwide came to a 98% national agreement on twelve core values of peer support and what those values look like, in practice . . .

National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers

The National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers provide technical assistance to promote consumer-directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses and are funded by SAMHSA. Such programs maximize consumer self-determination and recovery, promote access to treatment, and assist people with serious mental illness by decreasing their dependence on expensive social services and avoiding psychiatric hospitalization.