People Served

People Served

One of the main goals of the Beaver County SOC is to provide a welcoming and efficient system of care for all people that the system serves. In order to do this, the System of Care does not focus on part of the population but serves children, transition-aged adolescents, adults, and older adults. The system is designed for any age group. Because the system is dedicated to treatment based on the needs of the individual, the SOC has to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of different groups and the potentially differing needs of individuals in those subgroups. The focus of the SOC is not on the system itself and what works best for the system. The System of Care is focused on the individual and the needs of the individual and the family.



Early Childhood (Ages 0-5)

Resources for families having children with special needs


Youth/Young Adult

Childhood / Early Teen (6-15)

Late Teen / Transition Age (16-23)



PRISM  (Pride. Respect. Inspiration. Safety. Mentoring.)



Adults (24-65)


Older Adult

Older Adults (66 and over)


Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Resources and Support



Resources for Veterans and Their Family Members



Caregivers / Caregiving

Parents and Caregivers


Family Members

Family Support and Resources

Family Support (by diagnosis)


Parents and Caregivers



Criminal Justice / Re-entry Services


Mental Health Disorders / Substance Use Disorders

Mental Health Resources

Drug and Alcohol Resources

Additional Drug and Alcohol Resources



Faith-Based Partners/Organizations/Initiatives and Resources