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Glade Run Lutheran Services (Glade Run) is pleased to offer a psychiatric rehabilitation program, EPIC (Empowering People in Communities) to eligible adults in Beaver County, targeting adults 18 years of age and older who are challenged with chronic mental illness. EPIC’s site-based programming will take place in a uniquely designed space located at 191 S. Park Street in Rochester.

As a component of Glade Run’s continuum of care, psychiatric rehabilitation activities are non-therapeutic interventions and activities intended to promote the development and utilization of consumer skills related to illness management, independent living, socialization, educational and vocational objectives. Through the use of structured learning modules conducted in both group and individual settings, consumers with moderate to severe functional impairment can develop life skills that will enable them to meet their identified rehabilitation goals. Mobile services are available as well. Referrals to EPIC can be directed to outpatient referral coordinator at [email protected] 724-452-4453, ext 1084.

Glade Run’s Acute Partial Hospitalization program is a year-round, short-term, intensive therapeutic day program designed to stabilize children experiencing significant psychiatric challenges with the goal of deterring inpatient hospitalization. Acute Partial Hospitalization is appropriate for children ages 12 to 18 (to 21 with special conditions. Exceptions may be made for youth ages 10 to 11) who do not require inpatient treatment, but are in need of more intensive treatment than outpatient services can provide. This short-term intensive level of care allows children to benefit from consistent, structured treatment while maintaining their education and usual living arrangements with their families.

Blended Case Management

A case manager assists individuals with immediate needs and supports the development of basic living skills in areas such as housing, food, medical care, education, employment, and recreation. This program creates the lifelong skills that enable continued personal growth, address mental health and medical needs, build confidence and strengthen relationships.

All services are delivered in an individual’s home or in the community to maintain them in that environment.

For more information about Blended Case Management or to make a referral, please contact:
Beaver Falls: 724-843-0816, x2602

Family Based Services

Family Based Mental Health Services are designed to keep families together within the home and community, with the family being the primary caregiver.

Treatment is focused on the family as a whole, empowering the family to use existing strengths and skills as well as natural supports to make positive, long-lasting changes that will help them develop self-reliance and improve quality of life. Services are designed to return a child and/or adolescent to the home, or to prevent an out-of-home placement. Services are delivered by a team that includes one Master’s level therapist and a Bachelor’s level therapist (or two Master’s level therapists) provided in the home or community, and adapted to accommodate the schedules of family members.

There are no fees to families for these services. Families must have Medical Assistance to qualify for services.

Your child’s psychiatrist or licensed psychologist can contact us to make a referral

Glade Run Referral Coordinator
(P) 724-452-4453, ext. 1084
(F) 724-452-2395
[email protected]