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Recognizing local peers in Recovery . . .

When someone first receives a mental health diagnosis, it can be a frightening time.  Will I get better?  Can I get better?  How am I to move forward?  Friends and family members wonder the same, and then some … What does my loved one need? How can I help? 

Many people are in mental health recovery.  No two stories are alike and each person is capable of finding his or her unique way of “working their recovery”. 

Each month, Beaver County will feature one local person who is a role model of what life in recovery looks like.  They will share some of their challenges,
passions, lessons learned, and favorite “Tools to Wellness”. 

Join us! (As we explore, we’ll add some related resources which may be helpful in
your self-directed journey. Check the bottom of the page!)

Bob Curtis and wife Jennifer pray with Kevin Hines

Introducing Bob Curtis, Certified Peer Specialist & Peer Mentor
Mental Health Association, Beaver County, PA

Recognized a Leader!

In 2016, Value Behavioral Health (now Beacon Health Options) selected Bob for the Beaver County “Leadership in Recovery” Award. His contributions included 10 years of outstanding service at The Mental Health Association, serving on The Speaker’s Bureau and at The Phoenix Drop-In Center. 

(Who could forget his amazing acceptance/juggling act?)

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the 20th Annual Adult Recovery Forum was postponed, then cancelled. Bob Curtis would have been providing tips on “surviving and thriving the changes in life” at the 2020 conference, as a Morning Panel Presenter.

Contact Bob for peer assistance:

Coping with COVID-19

When asked, “How are you getting through this pandemic?” Bob pleasantly replied, “You know, I haven’t missed a single day of work!”

When the MHA was forced to close it’s doors to mitigate spread of the Coronavirus, Bob immediately stepped up his use of technology and social media (phone, email, Facebook, Twitter) for “GOOD”. He continues to connect with friends, family and peers. His messages are intentional and positive … Connection with God, Love and Finding Peace.

Bob credits God, his wife Jennifer, friends, and prayer for strength, motivation, and perseverance through the pandemic. His optimism is influenced by the writings of American religious leader, Norman Vincent Peale…

Lessons Learned

A self-taught artist, Bob enjoys sketching and painting. Photos of his recent work are shown below, but most of these paintings have already been given away as gifts!

LESSON LEARNED: “Skill level is not as important as what you do with the things you create.”

When Bob is faced with conflict, he always looks for the lesson.

LESSON LEARNED: “Set healthy boundaries.”

One of the hardest lessons Bob has learned is his own limitations and that it’s okay to prioritize self-care, down time, family time and getting enough sleep!

LESSON LEARNED: “It’s okay to care, but I can’t fix everything.”

Art Gallery of Bob Curtis . . .

Free Resources for YOU!

ADVOCATES FOR HUMAN POTENTIAL, INC., in partnership with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery publishes a FREE WRAP product:

Wellness Guide for Overcoming Isolation
during COVID-19:  Being Connected,
Staying Connected, and Choosing Connection

Many of us are feeling rather restless, unusually stressed and isolated right now.  This new resource is designed to help you maintain emotional wellness and whole health. It guides you in self-exploration about being connected, staying connected, getting reconnected, and choosing connection—even during difficult times and feelings. It will also help you discover ways to take action and create positive changes for yourself.  

This is a FREE digital download.  



“Transitioning out of quarantine and getting back into the community is both exciting and a bit scary.”

PDA created a worksheet to help all of us develop a unique, Coming Out of Quarantine Safety Plan. The worksheet can be used by anyone working with vulnerable populations: clinicians, peer specialists, wellness nurses, and employment specialists. We even made a short video explaining how to use the safety plan with folks.

The worksheet and video are FREE to download.  
We can help save lives with it.  Thanks for all you do.

~Pat Deegan



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