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The Prevention Network and Class Academy

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Opioid Overdose & the Use of Narcan  (YouTube Demonstration)

Hosted by The Prevention Network & Class Academy,  Pittsburgh Poison Control held a training to show the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose, as well as how to use naloxone (Narcan®).  YOU CAN DO THIS!

School Programs

Prevention Specialists
SAP (Student Assistance Program)
Signs of Suicide (SOS)

Community Programs

Credit Recovery
Safe Start Driver’s Training

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)

is a strength-based approach to give you and your family a voice when trying to resolve identified concerns with the Beaver County Children & Youth Services (BCCYS), Beaver County Juvenile Services division (BCJSD), and/or the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP).  FGDM is a voluntary process where friends and family are brought together for a family conference. This empowers families to engage in their own strengths to create the best possible environment for the children.

Family Finding

The Prevention Network’s Family Finding program focuses on identifying family members, friends and supports in hope of developing a permanency plan for at-risk children and identified through Beaver County Children & Youth Services. We collaborate with family and service providers to establish and promote alternatives to foster care placements while serving to shorten the lengths of stay for out-of-home placement.

Printable Documents:

Rack Card
Meeting Agenda
Ground Rules
Sample Family Service Plan