Youth Ambassador Program

Beaver Falls Youth Ambassadors
Mental Health Awareness Month
Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

The Beaver Falls Youth Ambassadors Club visited younger students at Central Elementary School.
As a Mental Health Awareness Month activity, they taught kindergarten & first graders a lesson on “emotions and feelings”.

Beaver County’s State-Approved Curriculum
to bring Cultural Competency to Schools

“The popularity of equity leadership is growing,
and the outlook appears promising.”

PA County News, “The Voice of Pennsylvania Counties”, is a publication of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP). In the feature article below, CCAP highlights the efforts of Beaver County Behavioral Health, Beaver County Commissioners, the Youth Ambassador Program, Dr. Donald Sheffield of TAME Inc., various county school leaders, and the Inclusion, Diversity & Awareness Council (IDAC).

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Youth Ambassador Program Infomercials

Check out this video from the Beaver County Youth Ambassadors!!

The Beaver County Youth Ambassador’s Program (YAP) is a youth-centered, youth-driven program that operates in Beaver County schools to promote awareness and understanding of current issues youth are facing today. Help YAP spread the word about mental health and change the culture of understanding by sharing our videos!

Youth Ambassador Program
PA Cyber Youth Ambassador Promo Video

Here is another video created by one of the Youth Ambassador Students at PA Cyber School in Midland. It will be posted within the school to invite students to sign up for the club. This student did the video all on her own and has been a member of YAP for 3 years starting this school year. Her work shows some of the activities the school has done and how to get involved with YAP from the student’s perspective. Enjoy!!!

Youth Ambassador Program
“What is Mental Health?”

Students from Hopewell, PA Cyber and Beaver Falls create a YAP Infomercial to answer the questions:
Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Thanks for speaking up for mental health, Youth Ambassadors!
(Includes important Beaver County resources.)

Need to Talk to Someone? You’re not alone …. explore options!

Seize the Awkward, a campaign in partnership with the Ad Council and The Jed Foundation (JED), is aimed at empowering teens and young adults to talk about mental health. Today, it launches a new Coronavirus page designed to provide young people with informative and creative ways to stay connected during this uncertain time.

In conjunction with the new webpage, Seize the Awkward has developed a new suite of social graphics and GIFs to encourage connection and conversations about mental health, providing fun and easy ways to do so. We hope these resources encourage young people to check in with their friends during this difficult time, as well as provide guidance in managing their own emotional well-being.

For further information, head to Seize the Awkward’s new Coronavirus page – and be sure to check back in, as more resources, graphics, GIFs, and videos will be added throughout the month! Learn more

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Check Out this YAP Fact Sheet!

The Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is a youth-centered, youth-driven program operating in Beaver County schools that promotes awareness of current issues that youth face today. The goals of the program are:

  • To increase awareness of mental health and wellness.
  • To decrease stigma associated with mental illness.
  • To promote leadership and self-advocacy among youth.
  • To build relationships with other youth in their districts and across the county.

What do the Youth Ambassadors Do?

  • Participate in countywide events to learn about mental health, wellness activities, and available services.
  • Participate in club activities at their school to spread the information to other youth, family members, and the community and to address relevant issues in their district.
  • Promote the YAP through social media, posters, videos and other platforms.
  • Represent the program by being “change agents” that teach others about YAP at national conferences.
  • Help change the culture of understanding and acceptance of mental health and related issues.

Who are the Youth Ambassadors?

YAP is a diverse group representing both males and females, several racial and ethnic backgrounds, various sexual orientations, and those with and without knowledge or experience with mental illness. Any youth who resides in Beaver County from 8th through 12th grade is eligible to participate by contacting their district representatives. Youth are currently active in all Beaver County districts as well as some private, parochial, cyber, and alternative schools.

Additional Resources for Late Teen / Transition-Age Youth

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for children and young adults between 5-24 years old. Often this age group lacks the tools and skills to manage mental health issues and ask for help.

Watch Ariel Blackwood’s story here:


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